Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bird Sunday

Someone took advantage of the all-you-can-eat buffet served up in Tompkins Square Park today...


Watch as I stuff my face...

Watch as I stuff my face...

Nom nom nom...

Watch as I stuff my face...

Where's dessert??

Red tail in Tompkins Square 

Note:  this is not Crazy Bird.

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  1. that's sort if what i saw saturday afternoon toward evening. the pigeons that were feeding at the ave a side of tspark all of a sudden took off and started circling, with other pigeons joining them. i spotted the RTHawk riding thermals over the north side of st. marks. huge - musta been the missus? :-)

    the hawk and the pigeons flew around, the hawk inspecting its flock, like a cowboy riding herd.


  2. Sounds like you saw our old friend, the Dominatrix. She's been around the last few days and likes to sit in the tall sycamore on Ave A & St Marks. She's very distinctive - large, very dark face, and a lot of brown streaking on her chest. She also just has a personality about her - when she comes around, everyone runs away!