Monday, July 21, 2014

Growing up fast

How do you find the hawks in Tompkins Square?

Listen for the robins and blue jays screaming.  If that fails, look for the hawks' favorite play areas, like the fenced-in lawns, where all the good hawk toys are.

Juvenile red tail with juvenile humans

Toys like ferocious branches...

Juvenile red tail playing with a branch

...and wily sticks!

Juvenile red tail playing with a stick

Leaves can be fun, too.

Juvenile red tail playing with leaves

Horsing around in the grass is even more enjoyable with a playmate.

Who, us?

Siblings hanging out together in the grass

It's probably more accurate to say these two are playing independently, near each other.  I want to say they are the oldest two fledglings who stuck together on the nest, but I'm not really sure. One of them has to be Shaft!

Siblings playing in the grass

Tired of playing on the grass, one of the birds decides to snoop around the benches.

Juvenile red tail in Tompkins Square

All that play has a purpose.  The following day, this young one successfully catches a mouse over by Avenue A.  If you look close, you can see it in the talons.

Juvenile red tail catches a mouse

Flying, playing and hunting are physically taxing.  Time for yoga!


Up, up and away to roost for the evening...

Juvenile red tail in Tompkins Square

For anyone interested in hearing dad Christo's voice, here is a short video of him calling from atop the flag pole in the park.  I was hoping Dora would answer, but I've still not seen her since the last bird left the nest.

UPDATE:  Our friend Francois Portmann has created a time-lapse video of the hawk family on the nest.  See the chicks grow up - three months in three minutes!

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  1. Wish they would eat up all the rats already. The place is overrun.

  2. fantastic photos, goggla!