Monday, January 26, 2015

Nest update

I finally caught Christo and Dora engaged in nest-building activity this last Sunday.  I had reports as early as last Tuesday (January 20) that the hawks were seen carrying sticks up to their nest site.

Here is the busy pair resting in the tall gingko tree at the 8th Street entrance to the park.  Christo is on the left, Dora on the right.

Christo and Dora

Christo cuts sticks from their favorite honey locust near the Avenue B & 9th Street park entrance.

Christo cutting sticks for his nest

Christo cutting sticks for his nest

Dora helps with the stick-cutting.

Dora cutting sticks for her nest

Dora with a stick

Christo carries a branch from the central area of the park...

Christo with a branch

...over to the Christodora building...

Christo bringing sticks to the nest

...home sweet home.

Christo bringing sticks to the nest

This afternoon, I trudged through the park around 3:45 to see if anything was going on during the snow storm.  The only animals crazy enough to be out there were people, so I'm hoping the birds were sheltering somewhere safe.

Christo has a lot of shoveling to do!

See more hawk photos on my Flickr page.


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