Monday, November 2, 2015

Rat dinners in Tompkins Square

It was a good weekend for hawk-watching in Tompkins Square as the fall foliage was gorgeous and both Christo and Dora spent a lot of time in and around the park.

On Friday, I found Christo after he caught a small rat behind the park offices.

Christo with dinner

He wasted no time tucking in to dinner.

Christo catches dinner

Don't you just hate it when total strangers stare at you while you eat?

Squirrel watching Christo eat dinner

Christo seemed to be in a bit of a rush, taking just a few bites, then attempting to swallow the rat whole.

Christo chokes down a rat

It took a couple of tries before he gulped it all down.

Christo chokes down a rat

Sitting pretty, digesting...


Zombie eyes!

Zombie Christo

On Halloween (Saturday), it was the same routine: grab dinner behind the park offices and gobble it down before sunset.  Below, Christo flies a rat up to his kitchen table branch.

Christo with a rat

You can see the rat here dangling on the other side of the branch.

Christo with a rat

Christo doesn't seem to be a fan of rat haggis (who is??).  He discarded the stomach, but did hop down to retrieve some other entrails that had fallen.

Rat stomach

I thought later that maybe I should have taken the stomach and had it tested for poison. 

Next time.


More to come...

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