Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lost in a fog

Today was one of those crazy weather days, beginning with thick dark clouds and heavy rain in the morning, and turning to bright sunshine in the afternoon.  During the transitional period, I was down at Battery Park where fog rolled over the harbor and huge clouds sailed up the East River.

This is the view from Pier A, looking south towards Governors Island.

Pier A

Governors Island looked like it was steaming, while Staten Island all but disappeared in the mist.

Governors Island in fog

Liberty Island:

Liberty Island in fog

Ellis Island:

Ellis Island in fog

Earlier in the month, I found myself on Governors Island on another day of thick fog.  This was the view looking back at lower Manhattan.

Foggy Manhattan as seen from Governors Island

Foggy Manhattan as seen from Governors Island

I had some companions on the island who disappeared into the murk at about forty feet.  There are two people in the center of the photo below.

Governors Island in the fog

Picnic Point at the south side of the island looked like an otherworldly fantasy.

Governors Island in the fog

The Statue of Liberty faded in and out of view.  I felt reassured each time her gold torch emerged from the gloom.

Liberty in fog

And today's fog and clouds made way for this...

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