Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hawk nest update

A week after the first two baby hawks hatched on the Christodora, our friend Fran├žois has sent an update from the Nest Cam.

All three babies are looking good and parents Christo and Dora have been feeding them regularly.

Christo stands by as Dora flies in...

Dora feeds the babies as the sun sets...

It must get pretty hot up there in the direct sun.  Here, Dora acts as an umbrella, providing shade for the babies.

Christo has been hard at work bringing in fresh food throughout the day.  Although Dora does most of the feeding, both parents have been taking part.

As the dead things pile up in the nest, the adults take the carcasses away to keep everything clean.  I've been seeing them drop the bodies on the lawn in the middle of the park regularly.  They've also been returning to that area later in the day to scavenge the half-eaten left-overs, so there's little waste.

 This flattering shot of Dora reveals that, at the end of the day, it's a tough job raising three fuzzy little raptors!

All photos courtesy of Fran├žois Portmann.  See more hawk nest photos and get updates at his website.

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