Thursday, April 28, 2016

Feeding time in Tompkins Square

With at least one hungry hatchling in the Tompkins Square hawk nest, dad Christo has more mouths to feed.  I found him Wednesday evening preparing dinner - a large rat - behind the park offices.

Christo with a rat

Sticking his tongue out...

Christo sticks his tongue out

Then it was off to deliver dinner to the nest.  He made sure to give me a nice close look at the rat as he flew past.

Christo with a rat

Christo with a rat

I had a hard time getting a good angle on the nest as the sun went down.  In a couple of weeks, it may be impossible to see due to leaves being in the way.  In the photo below, Christo stands guard while Dora does the feeding.  Her tail is just visible sticking out of the nest below the horizontal branch.

Feeding at the nest

To my surprise, Christo didn't react at all when this Peregrine falcon flew overhead.  It circled high above the nest a few times before drifting north.

After dinner service ended, Christo flew to his favorite perch on the flagpole where he was promptly mobbed by a blue jay.

Christo harrassed by a blue jay

Another day done.

Christo on his throne

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