Thursday, July 21, 2016

More hawk highlights from this week

Here are some more Tompkins Square hawk highlights from earlier in the week.  The fledglings have been very energetic, challenging me to keep up!

Tompkins Square fledgling

Do you ever get that feeling someone is watching while you sleep?

Watching you while you sleep...

Wake up, look at meeeeeeee!


One of the fledglings catches some late afternoon sun atop the Christadora.

Fledgling atop the Christadora building

Meanwhile, down on E 8th Street, a fledgling meets a blue jay...

Blue jay and red-tailed hawk

...who is not at all happy to meet the hawk. 

Angry blue jay with hawk

Later, one of the fledglings goes scavenging at one of dad Christo's food drop-off locations near the restrooms...

Fledgling scavenging food drop location

...and comes up with a pigeon.

Fledgling hawk with pigeon

Looking mysterious in the last light of day.

Tompkins Square fledgling

'Til next time...

Tompkins Square fledgling

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