Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Practice makes perfect

Monday was an active day for the Tompkins Square hawk fledglings.  I caught up with them in the fenced-in area near the Temperance Fountain, where they were playing in the grass.

They're not yet able to catch the squirrels, but are very curious...

Tompkins Square fledgling with a squirrel

Sticks, however, are easier prey.

Hawk capturing a stick

Hawk capturing a stick

Hawk capturing a stick

Hawk capturing a stick

I love when they run.  Vrrroooom!

Hawk playing in the grass

Crash landing.  Is it a hawk or hen of the woods?

Hawk or mushroom?

Leaves also make fun playthings.

Hawk playing with leaves

Hawk playing with a stick

All that running around and pouncing is exhausting.  The fledglings often lie down in the grass, something they're less likely to do as they mature.

Hawk lounging in the grass

Hawk lounging in the grass

Hawk on a stick

Hawk on a stick 

All this play serves to strengthen their hunting skills, which they are improving upon with each passing day.

More to come...

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