Friday, July 15, 2016

This week's hawk round-up

I took a lot of hawk photos over the last few days, so here are some to round out the week.

Looking mysterious...

Tompkins Square fledgling

This fledgling has quite a voice!  It sounds like a cross between an adult scream and a baby's wailing.  She's definitely the soprano of the family.

Crying for dad

One of the other siblings launches itself into a sapling tree and gets stuck for a minute or so.

Silly hawk stuck in tree

Finally escaping the clutches of dead leaves...

Silly hawk stuck in tree


Tompkins Square fledgling

One fledgling plays around on the construction structure at the Christadora.

Fledgling hawk on the Christadora Building

Note how it tries to perch on the flimsy netting rather than the solid pipe.  I've previously seen the hawks prefer to perch on cables, barbed wire or tiny branches rather than more stable options. I have no idea why they do this.

Fledgling hawk on the Christadora Building

Meanwhile, another fledgling (not the one in the above photos) goes exploring next-door at CHARAS.

Fledgling hawk visits CHARAS

I was really alarmed to see the hawk in the window as there's all kinds of danger lurking in that building, so I was happy to see the hawk finally fly off.

Fledgling hawk visits CHARAS

On 7th Street, a fledgling gets mobbed by a mockingbird.

Hawk fledgling mobbed by a mockingbird

A robin (right) joins the fun.

Hawk fledgling with mockingbird and robin

The hawk put up with the bullying by the small birds for a really long time - maybe half an hour.  The aggressors only flew off when a second hawk arrived.

Hawk siblings playing at dusk

A short while later...

Hawk and moon

You can see many more recent hawk photos here.

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