Thursday, June 3, 2021

This week's Tompkins Square hawk update: jumping and flapping

This week last year saw all three Tompkins Square hawk chicks fledge the nest. The two chicks this season are almost ready. Their flight feathers have grown in and their tails look almost long enough to allow them to fly. That said, they still have baby faces. This is the older of the pair:


And the younger:

Tompkins Square red-tail nestling

Both chicks appear to be doing okay following the loss of their sibling several days ago. We will likely never know what happened to the third chick, but we're happy to see the remaining two looking healthy and alert.

Doing a little preening:

Red-tail nestling

Check out those wings!

Red-tail nestling stretching its wings

Red-tail nestling stretching its wings

We have lift-off!

Catching some air

The chicks have been practicing jumping and flapping, and have been getting some pretty good height over the nest.

Catching some air

Here is a brief video of one of the chicks getting some exercise:

Mom, Amelia, still checks in and feeds the nestlings.

Amelia and her chicks

When she's not on the nest, Amelia is usually perched on a branch in the same tree, ever vigilant.


Dad, Christo, delivers food throughout the day and patrols the sky. Once the chicks fledge, Christo will be responsible for teaching them how to get food on their own.


We could see the chicks fledge in the next few days - stay tuned!

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