Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Selective memory

Well, here we are, nearly at the end of August and I have no idea where Summer went.  It seemed to start without as much as a courteous knock on the door in March (was there ever a Spring?) and then blazed ahead with relentless heat and humidity for what seemed like hundreds of days. 

What heaven to sleep with the window open last night, rain gently tapping the window sills along the air shaft, lulling me to dream of green grass and fresh's only been a couple of days of cooler weather, but how quick and easy it is to forget the sweaty misery that's defined Summer 2010.

As Eric Weiss so aptly put it, "How we capture the last rays of the summer and put it in a jar and look back at it in October or November on a slate gray day and think... Summer was 100 years ago..."

A month from now, we will only remember those moments of pleasure.

Hudson River at Saugerties