Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Dora endures thundersnow

I briefly ventured out into the Nor-easter earlier this afternoon to check on Dora in Tompkins Square Park.  It's the second storm she's endured since returning home less than two weeks ago.

I found her perched quietly in a tree, looking just fine.

Dora endures thundersnow

Dora endures thundersnow

I took some video in which you can sort of hear thunder in the first few seconds (just before she shakes) followed by the sound of a fog horn.

A couple of minutes after the video, there was a huge flash of lightning and I felt I had to get away from the trees for my own safety.  The hawks and other wildlife have survived many storms, so I left the park confident Dora is okay.  I didn't see Christo or Nora, but I'm sure they're all right as well.

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